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Know thyself.

The primary tool utilized in the Personal Effectiveness Assessment is the Birkman Method®. It's a 300-question personality assessment used by over 5,000 companies to facilitate teambuilding, executive coaching, leadership development, career counseling and interpersonal conflict resolution.

The Birkman Method® uses empirical research, backed by the National Science Institute, incorporated in the Harvard Business School Executive Leadership program.

The questions focus on these main concepts:
What is your usual style and approach?
What interests you?
What motivates you?
What stresses you?
What do you need for an ideal environment?

The outcome is a comprehensive report of who you are and what drives your behavior in a work environment. Below are the insights derived:

How you communicate with others 1:1 and interact with teams

How you approach setting goals

How you make decisions

How you respond to structure and change

How comfortable you are with risk-taking

Equipped with your personal profile report, and supported with the executive coaching of a Birkman certified consultant, Donna Buschle, you will know more about your most effective style and natural strengths.

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