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Here's How We Help You Know More.

KDL assesses everything within your company, giving us the information we need to devise a specific, results oriented plan.

Business Intelligence

Business Maturity Index (BMI) — Get an in-depth read on where your organization stands regarding growth, profitability and competition.

Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE) — Learn how well you're performing in all facets, including profitability, cash flow, sales, marketing, management, competitive strength and internal morale.

Financial Evaluation — Examine the specifics of your financial standing. Areas of assessment include debt, investment capital, profitability and cash flow management.

People Skills and Interaction

Personal Assessment — Discover strengths and weakness using tools such as The Birkman Method, Strengthsfinder and Emotional Intelligence. Establish a step–by–step plan to improve personal effectiveness internally and externally.

From The Top: Lead Team Development — With success hinging on the top management team, it's imperative to assess leadership's overall style and effectiveness. Learn how to more effectively lead, direct, inspire and relevantly connect with employees at all levels.

Organization Transformation — Change isn't always easy, but it's often necessary. Learn how to manage change effectively with personnel throughout the organization. Gain insight as to how to communicate the message, introduce new procedures and buoy morale during challenging times.

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