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"Knowing my company's maturity level helped me figure out how to grow my business."

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In the circle of life, where is your business?

Every business is a living entity, maturing and developing at its own pace. Each is buoyed by unique advantages and encumbered by certain weaknesses.

As your business evolves, it is bound to advance through four vital stages: incubating, fluttering, flying and soaring. Each of these stages is comprised of some basic situations. Take a look and see if you relate.

  1. Incubating: Things are still new. You may feel overwhelmed. You're in need of help.
  2. Fluttering: You're seeking a clear path after several years. You move from one project to another. You crave more stability and financial freedom.
  3. Flying: You spend time growing your business. You share crucial responsibilities. You're considering a successor.
  4. Soaring: Key Performance indicators are in place. You can oversee from a distance. You enjoy the freedom for which you've been striving.

Do you identify with any or all of these stages? Get a more definitive read on the state of your business by taking a quick 20-question test to determine your Business Maturity Index. Upon completion, the results will indicate where you are on the maturity continuum. Additional information will also be provided to enhance your development. Ultimately, KDL advises a deep dive work session to uncover all the details and impediments that may be slowing you down.

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