KDL Academy

Take another shot at graduating Magna Cum Laude.

At the KDL Academy, you learn things you'll actually use. A novel idea, don't you think? The pros at KDL Alliance develop a customized curriculum for your business and industry. Over the course of 12 90–minute sessions, you and your colleagues address the issues, relationships and procedures that you encounter every day. With the assistance of KDL business coaches, your group works out the kinks and builds new and inventive ways for your firm to succeed.

The 6–to–10 person sessions examine business practices, policies and procedures, as well as vital human relationships that run horizontally and vertically within your organization. At the culmination, you'll have a clear vision as to how business and human elements complement one another.

Additionally, KDL coaches are always available for "out of class" discussions, insights and pointers. These conversations and tools help everyone stay on track and encourage attendees to use their newfound ideas more diligently, thereby creating new behaviors.

Upon completion, each attendee is imparted with a full certification — a nice adornment for your office wall.

You can contact KDL to learn more about the KDL Academy simply by clicking here.

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