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Business Intelligence

Money Making Business Plan — Every business has to make money. Period. KDL works with you to plot your course to success with a multi-component business plan.

Marketing Plan — There's more to marketing these days than a slick web site and a social media presence. KDL takes you deeper with ideas for proper targeting, brand building and sales–generating communications.

Sales — The lifeblood of every business. We work with you to generate quality leads, maximize sales calls and equip your sales team with proper selling tools. In the end, your firm will close more sales with more frequency.

Operations — It's easy to get mired in counterproductive operational systems. We collaborate with you to establish more effective customer service practices, enhance internal systems and ensure that you're in the most financially productive position.

People Skills and Interaction

Executive Coaching — The C–level of every organization is presented with unique challenges. Experience targeted coaching for this level that includes 360° assessment that includes customized methodologies to enhance and build capabilities in leadership, emotional intelligence and change management.

Grow Your Best — Invest in developing the leadership and managerial capabilities of top performers. Four sessions include a comprehensive personal assessment to identify strengths, leadership style, managing stress and motivating for best performance.

Power Pairs — Improve and repair crucial business relationships to ensure future success. The Birkman Method® comparative report provides detailed analysis and objective perspective on individual strengths and needs. Walk away with defined, specific action steps and an individual roadmap.

4 Stage Team Development

Start Up — It's imperative for all new companies or reorganized departments to get off to a good start. Learn how to get all parties to mesh with the culture, people and policies, enabling immediate chemistry and success.

Change Up — Put new team leaders and members in the position to succeed immediately. Take the discomfort of unfamiliarity out of the equation so they can be productive from day one.

Renew & Recharge — Sometimes things just get off track. Examine what's holding your group back. Define plans and expectations more clearly and equip your people with the knowledge and tools they need to enhance their performance.

Reset & Rewire — Pull your people out of an unproductive spiral. Get a handle on team dysfunction, apathy and undue stress. Collaborate with team leaders to clearly define roles and expectations to reset the course for success.

Leading Change & Transition — Leadership is often presented with extraordinary challenges. Learn how to effectively steer change with the help of proven change models and experienced counselors. Discuss the acceleration of acceptance, improved communication and how to hardwire the change for success.

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